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18th April 2014

If the time could be repeat, I would like to tell you that I’m verry glad to know you in my life. And if the time could be repeat, I would like to act more kind to you. And if the time could be repeat, I would like to know you more. But, what can I do now? Time has been passed. And I can only regret my stupidity. Sorry, friends 😥 I was wrong.

Today, Friday 18th April 2014, God takes one of my friend to His side. She’s Kanityas Prasadya L.P, someone who would never I forget. She’s a good person, diligent, smart, and always smiling if I bothered her. She’s the very first person who asked my name in our very first meeting in high school 9 months ago. I remember that moment 🙂 If i could back at that moment how happy I am, repeat all thing that I should do.

I just feel so lost for her death. And I’m so regreting why I didn’t come to see her for the last time, yesterday, Now, I only take my regret forever. As always, a regret come in the past.

Nevertheless, I’m still pray for her in there. I wish she gets the best place beside God. And sins that she haves is forgiveness. God, placed her in your heaven for all kindness that had been done.

And the last, hope you rest in peace, friends. We always remeber you as one of 11th generation of Acceleration’s family. Goodbye ~~



Just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary. I'd rather die than live without any passions -JK-

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